National PingTung University of
M.A. in English
Professional in GEPT

My English teaching experience

I’ve been doing the teaching for 7 years working with children and adults. I always bring my energy in class to delight the students. I believe they can learn better when they feel relaxed and amused. I got 950 points in TOEIC and reached higher-intermediate level in GEPT.

Teaching English at Compass

I envy the students who studied in Compass. Teachers would design the lessons based on students’ learning proficiency levels. In smaller classes of 3 to 6, learners have great opportunities to interact with their teachers. Once students have questions or learning problems, teachers are willing to provide immediate help.

Learning tips to ESL learners

As an English learner, I was never the best student in class. However, I was the one who never quitted. If you are a slower learner, quitting is not an option for you. You can seek helps from your teachers, classmates and the other resources from bookstore and English learning websites. If you are a fast learner, you can also find satisfaction and improve yourself better by helping learners who still fall behind.



身為一個英語學習者,我從來都不是班上表現最亮眼的那一位。但是,我從不放棄。如果你的學習速度很慢,你更不可以放棄。因為你可以選擇向老師、同學尋求協助,而實體書局以及網路上的英語學習網站也有你可以運用的資源。 如果你學習速度比人快,藉由幫助比你落後的學習者,也能幫助你自己更進步,更有成就感。

1至6人精緻小班制 1至6人精緻小班制