National Sun Yat-sen University
B.A. in English

My English teaching experience

I've been teaching high school students during my college years and also served as a language consultant at the Language Center at my university. I got 985 points in TOEIC and I also have experiences with language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS and GEPT. I would be glad to help if you are planning to take part in any of those tests.

Teaching English at Compass

I enjoying teaching here a lot! Compass is a great environment for English learners. I am a passionate language learner myself, and I understand the importance of having the opportunity to apply what you learn to real life. That's when you really manage to polish up your language skills.

Learning tips to ESL learners

Try to make English a part of your life. Coming to Compass is already a great start! Aside from practicing speaking in class, immerse yourself in an English environment as much as possible. The most important thing is: enjoy it!

我在大學時期所教的多數是高中學生,同時也在學校的語言中心擔任諮詢師。目前已取得多益 985 分的認證,也通過各項語言檢定考試 (如托福、雅思和全民英檢)。如果同學們有參加考試的需求,我很樂意與大家分享經驗與技巧。