The College of Charleston
B.A. in History

My English teaching experience

Before I came to Taiwan, I lived and worked in Portland, Oregon for seven years. It’s a friendly, beautiful, clean city, it’s a place worth visiting.

Teaching English at Compass

Becoming an ESL teacher several years ago was undoubtedly the best career move I ever made. Why? It’s because I have been given the opportunity to help students improve their English skills, meet amazing people, and live within a fascinating culture.

Learning tips to ESL learners

From the student’s perspective, learning a second language shouldn’t feel like a chore. There’s nothing worse than a dull English lesson! Try to inject your own interests and personality into your studies every day. If you can do that, I guarantee that you’ll be on the path to fluency!




對於學員而言,學習英文不該是件例行的工作。沒有什麼比乏味的英文課更糟吧! 嘗試每天將你的興趣和個人特質融入學習過程。如果你可以這樣做,我可以保證你已邁向說出一口流利英文的成功之路!

1至6人精緻小班制 1至6人精緻小班制